Have you ever walked Into a home or office and felt instantly comfortable? 
Or alternatively, felt like leaving immediately?

That's because the energy in a home or work place is easily affected and can experience disruption through simple actions.

Guided by intuition, we at exultation can clear negative energy and provide a blessing  in your private home or office. We help create a more balanced room, ready to offer joy, affirmation, and exultation.

a typical session...

Energy clearing and blessings may include burning incense and/or sage, crystals, and prayer of intention. Privacy, except from the individual(s) and pets who live and create in the space, would be necessary. At the end of the session, we will offer suggestions for ways you can improve energy flow in your home or creative work spaces.

Exultation lightworkers are also able to bless and empower specific items for intended use. For example, you might wish to wear a bracelet that offers and inspires serenity, empowerment, healing, or exultation.

To learn more, visit our FAQ page or read more testimonials.

Sansara exudes love and light and I feel so blessed to know such an incredible human being. She came to my home to do a blessing when I was feeling so overwhelmed with sadness and negativity after a bad roommate moved out. She swooped in with her colorful bag of sage and a crystal heart and candle.. and proceeded to fill my home with light and laughter for the first time in awhile. While she was here, I felt so at ease and at peace and that feeling has lingered ever since. Sansara is a beautiful soul who has such a unique intuition that helps her create safe spaces that are filled with love. Thank you, Sansara, for giving me back my home. You are truly magical.
— testimonial by Mamie A.