Want insight about the direction your life is taking?
Need guidance on what steps will take you to where you need and want to be? 

I am so grateful for Sansara and her willingness to use her gifts to truly provide light. I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and a little alone when I arrived for my session. Her space is very welcoming and she provided a safe space where I could share without feeling I would be judged. She had meditated for me before I got there and had great ways to get me started towards channeling the overwhelm. She then read Zen cards for me and I received a gift that not only changed my day but gave me a deep understanding of who I am that changed my life. So very grateful for peace and divine timing. Sansara is amazing!!!!!
— testimonial by Amy V.

Exultation offers intuitive guidance using divination tools to illuminate your current state of being and provide confirmation, direction, and clarity of potential outcomes.  You have the power through choice and intentionality to change those outcomes.  
The tools I will share with you: 

tarot cards
oracle cards
crystal pendulum

Using divination tools is not a religion or faith, but a practice or exercise to provide guidance on your path towards healing, peace, balance, and exultation.

exultation guidance can answer specific or general, open-ended questions, such as these examples… 

  • How can I improve my chances of getting the job?
  • Is moving out of state the best for me?
  • How can I strengthen my relationship?
  • How can I bring love into my life?
  • Is there something from my past holding me back?

Amanda did an excellent long-distance tarot card reading for me. Her energy was pure and her clarity of my situation, just through the cards and her connection to the Universe, astounding! I highly recommended her to anyone who is looking for confirmation or direction of their Journey. I will definitely be using her again :)
— testimonial by Heatherjo B.

a typical session...

You may choose to come prepared with a question or situation, or see what messages the cards provide before asking clarifying questions. Guidance sessions may be delivered in person or long-distance, over the phone, video-chat, or email. Pictures of the cards can be emailed during or after a reading.

exultation also provides tarot readings at events or parties, with experience from dance parties and music lounges to birthday parties and even a baby shower. 

To learn more, visit our FAQ page or read more testimonials.