One form of energy healing is called Reiki [pronounced ray-key] which channels the life force of the Universe to flow naturally through the hands of the Healer (with little to no touching) to you for a holistic, non-invasive approach to healing. 

When this life force energy is low or blocked due to stress or trauma on our bodies, we may experience dis-ease, disease, discomfort, illness or more. To alleviate the experienced discomfort, energy healing can take place.

Ultimately, Reiki addresses the body’s overall physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sense of wellbeing and will aid in easing discomfort or dis-ease and bring a sense of balance, peace, and exultation.

chakra colors

Another way to think about how energy flows through your body is to picture the chakra system. Chakras [pronounced sha-kruhs] are the seven major energy centers in your body that are connected to specific organs, glands, and body systems and are connected to a certain color vibration frequency.

To improve your overall sense of wellbeing, your chakras may need balancing or energizing to feel balanced, at peace, and with exultation.

As soon as Sansara arrived for my Reiki session, I immediately felt “at home” with her energy and warmth. She is friendly, genuine, and sincerely personable. I felt completely at ease and free to express myself to the fullest before, during, and after our session. Sansara invited any questions I may have had and even shared with me additional information on how to tap into my own inner wisdom. This, in combination with the wholeness and compassion I felt while receiving Reiki, allowed me to gain the clarity that I had been searching for. I am grateful that Sansara is willing to share her gift while being her radiant self so that I can be encouraged to do the same.
— testimonial by Rachael

A typical session...

You will be in a relaxed pose, either on a massage table or in a chair depending on preference, in the comfortable clothes you wore to the appointment, and can expect a light --to no-- touch that may be aided by crystals or gemstones, meditative music, aromatherapy, or simple silence. Reiki can also be offered long-distance, which will occur as long as a regular session. Reiki can be provided to individuals of any age and pet companions.

Energy healing (Reiki and Chakra Balancing & Energizing) is meant to be a holistic approach, meaning that it may not “cure” the presenting problem initially, but will address the body’s overall physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Ultimately, the dis-ease or discomfort may be alleviated and you will feel a sense of peace, balance, and hopefully joy and exultation.

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