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Email Sansāra, Reiki Master Teacher, MSW at or fill out the form on this page. The primary location of exultation is a home office in Lawrence, Kansas. Currently guest healers of the Exultation Collective range in location from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, and previous healing collective members can be located in the Pacific Northwest, central Colorado, and Indiana. Please indicate where you are located and who can best serve you! 

Appointment times availability vary; be open-minded and offer a couple options about when you’d like to schedule your appointment for guidance and healing towards exultation. 

Exultation currently offers sliding scale options for all services. If requested, we can provide estimated ranges for energy healing sessions, spiritual counseling sessions, personal tarot readings, house or item blessings, workshops, and tarot reading at parties or events. Please don't let uncertainty deter you from scheduling an appointment!  We are all happy to offer this information --and to any questions or concern you might have-- and flexibility. the healers of Exultation look forward to offering guidance on your journey towards healing, balance, and exultation.

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Exultation has recently expanded to include multiple satellite offices. The primary location is a home office in Lawrence, Kansas. Currently, guest healers of the exultation collective range in location from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and previous collective members can be found in the Pacific Northwest, Indiana, and central Colorado.
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Feel free to write as little or much as you would like to let us know how to better provide healing and guidance. Please note preferred location and ideal days or times that you would like to schedule a session with us. We will try to accommodate you to the best of our abilities!