The Healers at exultation believe in providing an inclusive, affirming space dedicated to holistic CARE -- Compassion, Advocacy, Respect, and Empowerment -- for everyone who wishes to make a difference in their lives. Exultation brings the possibility of healing and life path guidance directly to your hands. It’s as easy as scheduling a joyful healing appointment at your convenience; phone consultations always free. 


about exultation

What if I am skeptical? - Totally okay and understandable! Energy Healing and divination tools do not require belief, though we would ask that you come with an open mind. 

How much does it cost? - Exultation is able to offer sliding scale payment options and can, if requested, provide an estimated range depending on service, location (long-distance or if travel is involved), and economic circumstances. 

Can I be updated regularly with what Exultation is up to? - Please do! Be up to date with events and awesome posts about meditation, workshops, affirmations, and latest reviews on Facebook and Instagram.

What does inclusive mean? - We at exultation believe in the right of self-determination and welcome all individuals, including but not limited to all genders, bodies, races and nationalities, ability statuses, and backgrounds.

Does this mean I don't have to go to the doctor? - Services provided by exultation are guided by intuition and connection to the Universe or Spirit and are provided purely for insight, guidance, and expanded awareness. Divination and Energy Healing services should not be regarded as a substitute for professional or medical services, but seen as complementary and supportive to your overall, holistic wellbeing.

How do I RSVP for workshops? - Like or Follow us on Facebook! Workshops will be regularly posted.  If you are interested in amanda facilitating a workshop, email her at

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Frequently Asked Questions...

about Energy Healing

What if I am not cured? - Energy healing "is not guaranteed a 'cure-all,' because 'healing' is not always the same as 'curing.' Healing does not always occur on the physical level first. [Energy healing] works holistically and is guided by a Higher Intelligence, it may be that healing needs to happen first at the emotional level, with the releasing of anger, guilt or hatred, or it may be required first at the mental level, releasing negative thoughts, concepts or attitudes, before the physical symptoms can be addressed. Also, healing is a very personal issue, and... ultimately, if the healing is to be permanent you have to take responsibility for healing the cause."
-- Penelope Quest, Usui Reiki Master and author

I don't really like being touched. - Just let us know! Energy healing is non-invasive and can occur with no touch at all. 

I don't live in Colorado. Can you still offer me Reiki? - Yes! As a Reiki Master Teacher, I am able to provide an energy healing session long-distance, by phone or video-chat. This would last as long as a regular session.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

about Intuitive Guidance

Tarot reading answers seem so vague. - The "language [of Tarot] is almost universal in that anybody can pick up a deck and look at the images to gain an idea of what the card is saying to them. Whether or not that ascribed meaning is the same as somebody else's meaning is beside the point--the gaining of meaning from the images is important."

--Kim Huggens, author

Are you a psychic? Can you predict the future? - I cannot predict the future, only provide insight on how your past or current choices are affecting the trajectory of your life journey and offer guidance accordingly. Any predictions of the future are potential or possible projections of your current life path.

Can you read my mind? - Absolutely not! Divination uses your energy and that of the Universe or Spirit to determine the insights and guidance that you are meant to hear.

Why would someone use Tarot or Oracle Cards? - some of the reasons can include examining your feelings about a situation or person; illuminating options or life path courses that were previously unclear or not seen; inspecting strengths and weaknesses about a situation, project or venture, or interpersonal relationship; offering insight or inspiration; exploring past events and the impact on current events; providing a source of affirmation, meditation, or support; making decisions; or exploring how a current situation or decision is affecting you.

Will seeking guidance from divination interfere with my religion or religious beliefs? - Using divination tools is not a religion or faith, but a practice or exercise and will not interfere with your own religious practices or beliefs. The readings merely offer a consultation of insight, using a Higher Source, and guidance on your path towards healing, balance and exultation.

I don't live in Colorado. Can you still offer me divination services? - Yes! Absolutely. We can schedule a session via phone or video chat. I can email photos of card layouts during or after our conversation, as well, and do many readings in an audio recording format, that is available for you to listen at your convenience.

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