• Linze R., Chicago  5 stars on Facebook, March 15 2017

    I periodically come to Sansara at Exultation because I trust not only her spiritual senses, but also know she's a knowledgeable professional with a Master's Degree in Social Work -- so I feel I am getting a comprehensive evaluation from all sides. Oddly enough (or perhaps not) Sansara gave me a reading in early 2016 that provided outlooks that have actually come to fruition. For example, she told me that by a certain time this year, a certain thing would happen (for personal reasons I can't reveal what that is) but she was correct.

    In general, through Exultation Sansara is accommodating, thorough, thoughtful, open and honest. She will go above and beyond to ensure you are getting the guidance you seek. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for questions big and small.

  • Marketa B., Manitou Springs, CO  5 stars on Facebook,

    I am so happy that I chose Sansãra to teach me Reiki healing. From the moment I inquired about her and spoke to her over the phone, I knew I was being led to work with her. Being a Libra, I can be indecisive at times. I had such clarity during this step in my life. 
    Sansãra is so pure and transparent. She is a bright light in this world and has one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. Her space was very welcoming and I did not feel the need to put my guard up in her presence. She is such a safe place. 
    She is so in tune, knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. She was also very patient and attentive with my being so new to Reiki. My questions were answered in the most thorough, complete, and simple form. I was amazed with how receptive my body was in learning Reiki. It was such a healing experience that a few times I just wanted to weep, but not in a sad way. The healing had begun in me. 
    I look forward to using Reiki on myself and others. I also look forward to continuing my journey in Reiki with Sansãra. This was the best decision I've made in a long time!

  • Julia D. — 5 stars on Facebook

    I was introduced to [Sansara] on my birthday, when my best friend asked her to come to our home to give me a tarot reading as a gift (a tarot reading that, might I add, was so undeniably spot on and brilliantly insightful that I was stunned into silence- a rare occasion for anyone who knows me!). The impression she made was spectacular and immediate-- I have since visited her twice for Reiki sessions
    . [Sansara] is a gentle, comforting, and enthusiastic healer. She offers insight and advice without judgment, all tailored perfectly to your individual needs and experiences. I leave her home office feeling both lighter and more grounded, heard and understood, respected and cared for. She's a remarkable healer with a real gift for easing and releasing emotional tensions-- I cannot recommend her more highly!
  • Benedetto D. tagged status on Facebook

    My mind is blown, my heart is overflowing with love. Today, thanks to Sansara, I was able to meet my soul (he's a pretty cool dude, also named Ben) and [Sansara] was able to communicate with my grandpa Bennie, who told her that he was very proud of me, and 'sorry for always thinking he was right' but now he knows better. I never met my grandpa, so I don't know what that means exactly, but I have a feeling. Check [Sansara]  out at Exultation, located in the city.

  • Leah F., Manitou Springs, CO  5 stars on Facebook

    Sansara is such a beautiful soul and I'm filled with gratitude to have crossed paths with her. My session with her (and her handsome reiki attuned helper cat!) left me feeling amazing, inside and out, and with a concrete plan of things to do on my own to further supplement the healing she provided me. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with this incredibly joyful, loving friend to all! Thanks Sansara!

  • Annie B.  5 stars on Facebook

    I am so blessed to have found such incredible holistic healing and guidance through Exultation! I received spiritual counseling and reiki through exultation and I am so grateful for this. [Sansara]  got rid of some very negative energy blocking my root and sacral chakras. She gave me hope and helped me gain clarity with all that is going on in this wild life of mine. She was so comforting. She heard and saw me diligently. She attended to my needs and just overall made me feel like dancing and being fully who I am. I'm so blessed for these sessions because their helping to shift my focus and expand my awareness. I'm waking up and Exultation is there every step of the way. I can't stress how accommodating and kind [Sansara] is. She made me feel bright again. My experience at Exultation was awesome. I definitely recommend this for anyone at any step of the journey. You'll be surprised and delighted once you try some of their services. She gave me hope and things in my life are beginning to brighten and change. I'm healing and their influence on my healing has been so positive. I feel like I can do this now. I feel unstoppable and motivated. You will too. ♥

  • Jen S.

    My experience with Sansara as my Reiki 1 and 2 instructor was just as warm, nurturing and thorough as my sessions with her.   She holds a loving space, patiently inviting inquiries and providing thoughtful attention to the details of her craft.  I feel continuously blessed to have had the opportunity in receiving my attunements from such an authentic individual.

  • Amy V. 5 stars on Facebook

    I am so grateful for [Sansara]  and her willingness to use her gifts to truly provide light. I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and a little alone when I arrived for my session. Her space is very welcoming and she provided a safe space where I could share without feeling I would be judged. She had meditated for me before I got there and had great ways to get me started towards channeling the overwhelm. She then read Zen cards for me and I received a gift that not only changed my day but gave me a deep understanding of who I am that changed my life. So very grateful for peace and divine timing. [Sansara] is amazing!!!!!

  • Benedetto DeFrancisco — 5 stars on Facebook

    Sansara is light and love! Receiving and learning reiki from Sansara was positively life changing for me - it was such a beautiful and powerful soul-searching and healing experience, I am incredibly grateful for her and her gifts. If you are at all curious about any of the services that she provides, I say BOOK it. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

  • Jessica Neria

    I completed both level 1 and 2 reiki training with Exultation, and the experience couldn't have been any better. Going into the class, I had basic knowledge of how energy worked and how to harness my own energy. Sansara created a safe sharing environment, and I was able to meet people with experiences similar to mine. Overall, the training was great, all material was delivered very clearly, and the time flew by super quickly. On top of that, Sansara has continued to provide endless support, feedback, and resources for further growth on my reiki journey. You can't find a more attentive or genuinely caring reiki master teacher anywhere other than Exultation.

  • Rafi, Denver, CO — 5 stars on Facebook

    I just had a session with Sansara and it was really extraordinary! I got a lot more than I bargained for in the best way possible. She intuited aspects of my life (lives) and was spot on. I could definitely feel the warmth of her spirit as she worked on me. She gave me really practical advice for helping to heal myself and ways to protect myself from negative energies. I definitely recommend Sansara to anyone who is seeking healing or even if you are curious about reiki and energy work.

  • Melanie S.  5 stars on Facebook

    Wow. I had an early morning reiki session with
    [Sansara] today and my body feels rejuvenated. it did take me about 20 minutes to get used to the weird new feeling in my legs, though. 

    I chose to lie on my back with a bolster under my knees. I closed my eyes, relaxed and sang a couple lines of a song over and over again in my mind. she started at my feet and stayed there for quite a while. during that time my left knee started to hurt and my right quad started spasming. I remained calm and I'm glad I did. my left ear began to hurt and my right leg started shaking. my right foot fell asleep and the shaking stopped. 

    from there
    [Sansara] moved up to my torso and placed a stone on my chest. I immediately felt the urge to breathe deep, and not using my chest but my abdomen. she put her hands on my left shoulder and it began to pulsate. it felt like a muscle spasm but also like she was pulling taffy from my body. 

    throughout, I had moments of complete darkness then complete white lightness. towards the end I felt the urge to get up, like wanting her to wrap it up. when she wrapped up a few minutes later I felt very different. 

    I sat up and needed to walk around. I chugged water to quench my dry mouth and sat down. it felt like my right ankle was wet and dripping. I slowly recovered while
    [Sansara] started to tell me what she saw, felt and did. 

    she said I was born with anger in my hips. and that my hips were like valves. she opened the valves and started to move the energy through my legs. only she had to unscrew my ankles to let it all flow out. she said it was like those black screws that she had to turn on. I had so much stored in my hips and thighs but nowhere for it to go. once my ankle caps were taken off a flow of water like energy started to flow. I can still feel it in my right ankle. 

    what is wild about this happening is a couple of things. first, for a very long time I've always felt a disconnect between my top and my bottom. my hips literally being the divide. I've avoided my legs. I've not liked my legs. in the last few months I've started to want to reclaim them. using exercise and massage to feel connected. wearing shorts and not feeling shame. a month ago I saw a healer and described my right ankle as feeling so stuck - and how I wanted to unscrew it and clean it out. 

    well, that happened today. among other things. 

    [Sansara] said that this hip anger valve thing is part of my energetic body so it may not ever go away. but, now that she knows where the valves, screws, and caps are, we can work regularly to help the energy flow. and reconnect my body parts. 

    thank you

  • Sarah L. — 5 stars on Facebook

    AMAZING!!! Truly talented! Thank for healing both my cat and I! Much love and peace to you!

  • Carmen C. — tagged status on Facebook

    I had a wonderful session and conversation with Sansara this morning that was just what I needed. I know I'm on the right path in my life and I'm grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. Learning how to really listen adn trust my intuition and how the Universe speaks to me is an amazing thing! My body, mind, and spirit feel it and that's sufficient confirmation for me. <3 sending lots of love, light and warm vibes to you all.

  • Amy Louise  5 stars on Facebook

    Sansāra is kind and wise. She thoroughly explains the cards she uses, what each one means in its position, and what it means for you. She's very attuned to energies at work. She's also a thoughtful listener. I've also gone to her for other work and training, and it's been great.

  • Jessica  5 stars on Facebook

    Exultation is absolutely amazing. [Sansara]'s Tarot 101 workshops are great, and provide for a comfortable space for learning at all levels of experience. I later took the opportunity of getting a card reading from [Sansara]. She was really flexible to find a time that worked with me and made sure that I was comfortable during our reading. The reading itself was a great experience, and [Sansara] walked me through each card to make sure I understood the reading clearly and could further my own beginning tarot practices. Overall two thumbs up. :)

  • Charlotte, Colorado Springs, CO  5 stars on Facebook

    Sansara did a very detailed reading for me, and I loved it. She's super intuitive, even knew when the little voices in my head were arguing with something she said and clarified it. She listens, she answers questions, and she is really THERE for you. I highly recommend using her. If you don't know if she can help, ask. She's great in person and online. :) Thank you!!!!

  • Brooks H.   5 stars on Facebook

     Tarot 101 classes were so great! Relaxed & engaging. Recommend.

  • Jen S. — 5 stars on Facebook

    Sansara is hands down, one of the best energy healing practitioners I've ever had the pleasure of seeing (I've seen many, and I'm one as well). Right away, you are comforted by her warm, caring and open personality. She is an engaged listener that holds the space for ultimate healing to begin. On the table, you're gently taken to a space of understanding and love. Her reiki sessions have ultimately become life changing for me, giving me the opportunity to truly connect with my most inner self. Not to mention, I saw vivid and bright colors during each session, that got stronger each time I saw her. I've actually cried tears of joy due to the amazing experience. This review is far overdue. I could not recommend her enough.

  • Jace D.  5 stars on Facebook

     I have had a number of tarot readings through exultation and they have all been excellent. The convenience of an online reading is wonderful and I am always pleased with how detailed and in-depth they are. Friendly, helpful, always willing to answer anything I'm not quite grasping fully. I absolutely love it!

  • Melly C.  5 stars on Facebook

    I recently had my first reiki session ever with
    [Sansara], and it was so much more than I could have ever hoped for! I was a little nervous about what to expect, but [Sansara] explained everything so well and did everything she could to make sure I was comfortable. 

    The session itself was peaceful. I could feel energy flowing, moving, and bending within me, and I really appreciated talking about what specifically this meant for my body and well-being with [Sansara]. 

    While I learned much about reiki and myself while with
    [Sansara], it was my body's recovery time at home that truly gave me a deep understanding of what exactly was going on within me. I got a headache and slept for 14 hours! [Sansara] had explained earlier that she stretched out my aura a bit-and the headache I got, to me, seemed like a natural response. I have definitely struggled recently with letting my whole being shine through, and the headache let me know just how tightly I had been reigning myself in. 

    The following morning after the session was one of the most peaceful I have had in awhile. I emerged from this reiki session with a deeper understanding of myself, my habits, my body, and my intentions. Thank you,

  • Jocelyn F.   5 stars on Facebook

    Sansara is incredible! Smart, intuitive, observing, soft and charismatic! Truly an incredible person!

  • Je Nae'   5 stars on Facebook

    I received a reading yesterday that blew my mind. The spirit of all of my ancestors and orishas and God was really working/aligning the Yes in my life! I asked [Sansara] to pray and get confirmation for the date of my reading. She did. it came at 7pm. (timing!) I did not come with a specific desire rather I wanted, was eager, to just say Yes to whatever the spirit wanted me to know. During the reading much was revealed to me that was like a major head nod, yes THEN I received a card with a tree on it very similar almost identical to a tree that was drawn for me last week. CONFIRMATION!!!!! What I am so grateful for is the Yes, the drawer downloaded and said Yes to AND the Yes [Sansara] downloaded in her gifts and my reading revealed to me AND the YES that I am encouraged by to receive and relish and know that ALL THINGS ARE WORKING IN ACCORDANCE TO THE HEALTH AND LIGHT OF MY BEING!! Ase' Ase' 

  • Lia Kate, Denver, CO  5 stars on Facebook

    Wow! I had a session with Sansara recently and was blown away by the information I received. She guided me through a reading that provided insight about my current situations, as well as my true desires as a human seeking fulfillment in this lifetime. I can't describe how helpful the consultation was. She is clearly a gifted healer, with wisdom to share. I highly recommend booking an appointment. So. Lovely.

  • Nick K.  5 stars on Facebook & Thumbtack

    A few words on my very recent session - experience with [Sansara]. The second ever Reiki session in my life, I sought her out and benefited a great deal.

    Mrs. Stinson is a receptive and gifted healer. What stays after a cleansing, balancing, re-structuring sort of energy healing is what matters - that's where lay the answers to take the next step that's perfect for each one of us looking.
    We decide based on who are, and what stage of our lives we are at, what the healthiest emotionally, and spiritually - forces, which put the body at ease, and in balance to move forward.

    I felt comfortable and vulnerable - one must to allow healing to take place. I cried, I conjured images, which I interpreted and shared with Mrs. Stinson - it's always healthy to hear an intuitive professional's take, which sheds light and turns the angle of what we think and feel we know in a more positive new direction to move forward.

    The environment was clean, professional, intimate, allowing, convenient and facilitated a beautiful session, which I believe has empowered me as it carries over in my being, which is more at ease, self-appreciated, re-affirmed, and in the spirit of light of love.

    Reiki is a very subtle form of healing. The healer must be gifted and intuitive. Ms. Owen's energy through her hands was intensely warm - I couldn't help, but feel the comfort warmth has, and the "burning off" of an un-welcomed something that gets in the way of you.
    Thank you sooooo much!

  • Brittany Y.  5 stars on Facebook

    Sansara exudes a spirit that lights up a room or face. This is very much reflected in her healing touch. She has a very fluid yet refined nature in her practice which helped me to feel at ease my first time seeking Reiki and everytime since. Everything from her practice space to her follow up is affirming, grounding and healing. Gratitude. <3

  • Jennifer G.   tagged status on Facebook

    Don't you love when you've had emotional baggage sitting on the shelf so long that it starts to become decoration for your ego? I declare my intention for 2016 is to bravely let go of any energy that doesn't serve me (secondary gains don't count!) and to do so compassionately and without feeling shame for its presence or my choice not to deal with it for as long as I have. Thank you [Sansara] at Exultation for an absolutely wonderful Holiday tarot reading!

  • Rachael  

    As soon as [Sansara] arrived for my Reiki session, I immediately felt "at home" with her energy and warmth. She is friendly, genuine, and sincerely personable. I felt completely at ease and free to express myself to the fullest before, during, and after our session. [Sansara] invited any questions I may have had and even shared with me additional information on how to tap into my own inner wisdom. This, in combination with the wholeness and compassion I felt while receiving Reiki, allowed me to gain the clarity that I had been searching for. I am grateful that [Sansara] is willing to share her gift while being her radiant self so that I can be encouraged to do the same.

  • Haydee S.  5 stars on Facebook

    I don't even know where to start. This was my first Reiki session and I am so thankful it was with
    [Sansara]. Her energy alone when you walk into the door alleviated some anxieties I was having and that was before our session began! [Sansara] was so warm and welcoming, and had allowed me to asked for what I thought I needed before our session. Together we worked to do some powerful but slow healing based on what we discussed and we felt comfortable doing. I can't stress enough that I'm grateful to have finally built up enough courage to actually see and work with [Sansara] - I had Exultation Healing's card in my wallet for a solid 6 months before my Universe drove me to her! If you have the inclining to have a session, please go. You won't regret it.

  • Mamie  

    [Sansara] exudes love and light and I feel so blessed to know such an incredible human being. She came to my home to do a blessing when I was feeling so overwhelmed with sadness and negativity after a bad roommate moved out. She swooped in with her colorful bag of sage and a crystal heart and candle.. and proceeded to fill my home with light and laughter for the first time in awhile. While she was here, I felt so at ease and at peace and that feeling has lingered ever since. [Sansara] is a beautiful soul who has such a unique intuition that helps her create safe spaces that are filled with love. Thank you, [Sansara], for giving me back my home. You are truly magical.

  • Mar C.  5 stars on Facebook

    [Sansara] gave me a tarot reading via Facebook, which was a super convenient medium to use as someone on the go very often. The reading was on point, and really addressed some deep interpersonal issues I was struggling with in a compassionate and encouraging way. Highly recommended and I'll be asking her for another reading in the future!

  • Kelly C.  5 stars on Facebook

    [Sansara] is more than a gifted healer. She is a bright and intuitive soul. She is a wonderful listener and offers amazing insight. My reiki session was more than I expected and will go a long way toward healing.

  • Dina K. — 5 stars on Facebook

    [Sansara]and I meet by coincidence; the universe must have known I needed her in my life. I booked [Sansara] to do readings for my 2 best friends and I as a birthday gift for one of them. She arrived on time and ready to go. 
    The birthday girl went first and got an in depth reading which she loved. She has not stopped telling me how great [Sansara]was and now she does Reiki with [Sansara] regularly. 
    For my reading I was feeling timid because I do not have a lot of experience and wanted to make sure I got a clear result. [Sansara]was so kind and helpful, leading me go do a general reading. She gently pushed me to answer questions about cards and made me feel very safe. I left the reading feeling like I had really answered a couple questions that I had been pushing to the back of my mind. It was a beautiful experience and I plan to make a lot more appointments with [Sansara] as well as go to her classes. 
    I highly recommend [Sansara] for anyone. She will make you feel safe and give you all the warm feels.

  • Grace S. — 5 stars on Thumbtack

    My experiences with [Sansara]have been nothing short of amazing and insightful. Her work has proven time and again to be in tune with the universe in a way that has given me guidance I may not have even realized I needed. I value and reflect upon the insight she has given over my many tarot sessions with her regularly.

  • Devon E. — 5 stars on Facebook

    I recently had a tarot card reading done by [Sansara] over Skype. Her ability to help me receive further clarity of my situation was astonishing. This was my first reading ever and I am glad she was the person to read my cards. The whole session was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone who was looking for further insight into their experiences.

  • Nu-Rah  

    I am a person that can get completely lost in her thoughts to a point of anxiety and stress induced headaches. [Sansara] is the perfect healer for my journey to free myself from this continuous pain. Her long distance healing, & guided meditations are allowing me to focus on growth, and happiness only. I can't wait until I can sit with her personally to see what energies she will bring to my life.

  • Andy K., Chicago  

    Sometimes you feel like there are too many pieces to the puzzle and you have lost sight of the big picture. This is how I’ve been feeling lately, and [Sansara], through a Tarot card reading, not only helped me to see the picture that my brain had scrambled into more of an etch-a-sketch, but she also gave me feelings of peace, hope, and even affirmation on my intuition. The cards she used were beautiful, and she did a fantastic job of explaining the meanings behind them. She’s the type of person who connects to your heart easily and makes you feel at ease immediately. There’s no judgement in her card readings, only reflection and wisdom.

    She also did some reiki on my little chihuahua, and he stayed calm and serene during the session. Our pets may not speak our language, but we all share energy!

    My pup and I both look forward to more readings/sessions with [Sansara]

  • Heatherjo M.  5 stars on Facebook

    [Sansara] did an excellent long-distance tarot card reading for me. Her energy was pure and her clarity of my situation, just through the cards and her connection to the Universe, astounding! I highly recommended her to anyone who is looking for confirmation or direction of their Journey. I will definitely be using her again :)

  • Carmen C.  5 stars on Facebook

    I have had the pleasure of having a reading done by[Sansara] and she is just fantastic! She is warm, so friendly, and accommodating to different schedules, which was important for me! Thank you, [Sansara]! You rock and look forward to meeting with you for reiki soon!