Sansara Stinson, Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, MSW, comes from the perspective that we are our own best healers, and to help make self-healing techniques more accessible, she teaches various 101 workshops though exultation.  
These classes include topics on restorative justice, practical self-care, learning tarot, how to use a pendulum, smudging with sage, and more. The workshops enable individuals to have more tools easily at hand to find peace and exultation in their own lives.

Sansara also teaches Reiki, levels I, II, Master and Teacher through individualized classes. These may be tailored individually or taught in a group cohort settings. As Sansara is a shamanic healer that practices Usui Reiki Ryoho, her classes include additional information on the chakra system, energetic shielding, communication with one's soul using a pendulum technique, and more. Currently, Sansara offers Reiki 1 & 2 Certificate and Attunement in a 6-hour workshop on a sliding scale price point of $289 - 425, to include a gifted crystal pendulum and personal journal. Reiki Master level and Reiki Master Teacher level are taught separately in 5-hour workshop classes at a sliding scale price of $375 - $575. A combined Reiki Master/Teacher class can be discussed on an individual basis. 

*Discounts are available for those in caregiving professions or personal placements, such as for social workers, doulas, teachers, mental health professionals, and parents.*

To learn more, visit our FAQ page, read more testimonials, or request availability and interest from Sansara directly at

My experience with Sansara as my Reiki 1 and 2 instructor was just as warm, nurturing and thorough as my sessions with her. She holds a loving space, patiently inviting inquiries and providing thoughtful attention to the details of her craft. I feel continuously blessed to have had the opportunity in receiving my attunements from such an authentic individual.
— testimonial by Jen Skeffington
I completed both level 1 and 2 reiki training with Exultation, and the experience couldn’t have been any better. Going into the class, I had basic knowledge of how energy worked and how to harness my own energy. Sansara created a safe sharing environment, and I was able to meet people with experiences similar to mine. Overall, the training was great, all material was delivered very clearly, and the time flew by super quickly. On top of that, Sansara has continued to provide endless support, feedback, and resources for further growth on my reiki journey. You can’t find a more attentive or genuinely caring reiki master teacher anywhere other than Exultation.
— testimonial by Jessica Neria, healer of exultation
Exultation is absolutely amazing. Sansara’s Tarot 101 workshops are great, and provide for a comfortable space for learning at all levels of experience. I later took the opportunity of getting a card reading from Sansara. She was really flexible to find a time that worked with me and made sure that I was comfortable during our reading. The reading itself was a great experience, and Amanda walked me through each card to make sure I understood the reading clearly and could further my own beginning tarot practices. Overall two thumbs up. :)
— testimonial by Jess